In 2006 appears an European registered mark, Sybiol. Its priority is to assure the maximum quality to all its products. All of them are assured in laboratory, through many investigations, as well in field experiences.


Actually, Sybiol is commercialised in several countries, some European.

Our trade mark provides a service of support trough specialised technicians in biological agriculture, permitting an elucidation of doubts and following the performance of how the products work.


All the products commercialised by Sybiol are from natural origin, so they exist respecting the environment, and it can be insects (biological control, integrated control and polynisation), resistance inductors, fortifiers, pheromones, staking clips, traps...


The Sybiol products by being organics, today, they give results as good as the products of chemical synthesis.


There are many advantages that benefit either the farmer either the consumer, by having a bigger production, more naturals fruits so a better taste, and the production costs are a little bite higher, however the harvesting superates the expenses, and at the same time, protects the environment and the public health.